Uptown Art Supply and Gallery ..."We Take the Arts to a new level!"


Uptown Art offers a larger variety of supplies and tools to better equip the students of ECU and Pitt as well as our local community of artists. The excitement over our PirateWear and the success of our Pirates has given us an opportunity to re-examine our focus in the art department, as well as to address the current needs of our growing community of artists. Anyone who comes Uptown during the Art Walk readily sees the arts in our city with expanded galleries and businesses open during each event. Uptown Art invites you to join us by participating in The Renaissance of Uptown to help further beautify and keep our city center vibrant.

Thanks to the increasing diversity of ECU’s programs, covering everything from interior design and architecture to the many fine arts and communication programs offered in the School of Art and Design, Uptown Art has the opportunity to expand its variety and offer new tools and supplies. Our selection of supplies will grow to be more inclusive for all concentrations. While we continue to broaden our stock selection, we will continue to have all the right supplies at the right price!

Please help us to continue to bring the arts UP by helping us spread the word about the progressive arts in our community!

Give us a call at 252-758-2616 or 1-800-848-9897.