Spring 2019 Textbooks Reservations

We are now accepting textbooks reservations for the Spring 2019 semester. Reservation forms must be received by 6:00 pm on Friday, December 28.

Textbook pickup begins on Friday, January 4 and continues to 6:00pm on Tuesday, January 8. Textbook reservations not picked up during this time period will be placed on our shelves.  Please plan to pay for your books when you pick them up.  You may convert any eligible titles to rentals at that time.

1.   Get your reservation form...

      (a)   View (and print or save) the pdf; OR
      (b)   Pick up a form in the store; OR
      (c)   Use the convenient electronic form.

2.   Fill out the reservation form...

      (a)   Include your section numbers (section numbers have only three digits, for example 001 or 601), so we can get you the right books.
      (b)   We are sorry, but we are unable to use Banner course numbers to identify your courses.

3.   Send us your completed reservation form via...

      (a)   fax at 252-830-0927; OR
      (b)   email at reservations@ubeinc.com; OR
      (c)   drop it off at the store.

4.   If you need a Credit Card on File form (which we use if you will not have the physical card with you when you make payment), you can find it linked here. We can only accept printed or faxed copies of this form.