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Price Lists: Our Summer textbook price lists, including rental prices, are coming soon! 

Online Purchasing:  Just click on the "Buy Books" button above, or use this link and you'll be able to pull up our e-commerce site.  Feel free to use this interface to check book pricing and availability as well as purchasing, though unfortunately it does not include our rental prices.  You can buy your books online and choose in-store pickup as your shipping option, and we'll hold your books here for you!

Rental:  Our rental list is live and our kiosks are working! With no messing around with shipping, UBE's rental is fast and easy.  Just come in, pick out your books, pay to rent, and then walk out the door with your rental textbooks.  You must be present in the store in order to rent books.  At the end of the semester, just bring it back in to our store.  It couldn't get any easier!

Short Term Student Book Account:  On financial aid?  Our Short Term Student Book Account might be just what you want.  Simply print out your ECU ebill showing your financial aid award, bring it and an alternate form of payment in, and get your books before your financial aid is distributed.  Call us to find out more!

Buyback:  We know some stores restrict their buyback programs, but we buy books all year long.  If the store's open, we're buying.

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